Aug 12 2015

Shopping in Barcelona on Sunday


One of the surprising things of Barcelona for a lot of its visitors (as well as other cities in Europe) is the fact that most of the shops and malls are closed on Sundays. Where to go then if I’m visiting Barcelona?

Well, our first advice would be not to go shopping and go visiting the city instead and enjoy the wonderful ancient old town, with all their little alleys and buildings. Remember that some parts of Barcelona are 2000 years old, they were there more than 1000 years before America was even discover.

But let’s face it, After our great piece of advice you might be still thinking “I don’t care! I wanna go shopping in Barcelona on Sunday!” Well, we know that and that’s why we have prepared this article for you.

Fortunately, Barcelona has some very nice shopping centers all around the city: L’Illa, la Maquinista, el Diagonal Mar o las Arenas. Unfortunately, on the other hand, from this incredible offer, only a very tiny little percentage of it is opened on Sundays. Actually there’s only one mall that opens on Sundays: the Maremagnum.


It’s a great option for Sundays, since it is next to the port and you can always feel like in a chapter of Sex in the City by walking around the port like Sarah Jessica Parker with all your shopping bags. Moreover, since a lot of tourists go to this mall, it would be easier for you to communicate in English in the different shops.

Notwithstanding, it must be said that sometimes the mall can be a bit overcrowded, due to the hordes of tourists that visit it every day. Therefore, we share with you very well kept secret in the city: there’s another shopping center that’s open on Sundays: the Anec Blau. A positive aspect of it is that not a lot of tourists go there, so you’ll have more peace for you. A negative one is that it’s not in Barcelona but in another city near Barcelona, reachable by train: Castelldefels.


To compensate that, the train station is very near from the Shopping Center, just keep in mind that maybe it won’t be that easy to find people there who can speak English.

Don’t forget that any other day you also have our version of “Les Champs Élysées” in Barcelona, which is Passeig de Gràcia, with its wonderful houses that host fancy design shops, definitely a must if you come to Barcelona and you like shopping.